The SensoGlove - the first and only computerized golf

The SensoGlove teaches you the right way to hold the club

Introducing SensoGlove, a high-quality cabretta leather golf glove with a unique difference: it’s the first and only golf glove with a built-in computer that constantly reads your grip pressure. Using small, highly responsive sensors, the SensoGlove provides audio and visual feedback about your exact grip pressure on the club.

SensoGlove will teach you the correct grip pressure for greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores!


Monitors your grip pressure throughout your swing with instant audible and visible feedback

Improves your game

18 pressure profiles stored in memory: Adjustable for individual style and skill level and playing situation. Special settings included to practice chipping and putting.


Specially designed LCD display gives you detailed feedback on your grip. It stores the information for visual feedback after your swing.

High wearing comfort

Looks, feels and works just like a regular golf glove: Specially designed sensors are thin, soft and flexible


Features a universal plug in socket. Remove the computer and snap it onto inexpensive replacement gloves. Or share one computer with friends and family with different sizes.


Other than the computer plug in socket, the SensoGlove works just like any other glove. Use it during a practice round on the course


Introducing SensoGlove, a high-quality cabretta leather golf glove with a unique difference: it’s the first and only golf glove with a built-in computer that constantly reads your grip pressure. Using small, highly responsive sensors, the SensoGlove provides audio and visual feedback about your exact grip pressure on the club.

Every golfer wants to hit the ball far and the natural instinct is to swing harder and faster. But trying to swing with more power causes a death grip, creating tension in the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. The result is a less than smooth swing and, even worse, tightened muscles. Tight muscles result in slower – not faster – club head speed.

With SensoGlove, you get an immediate readout of your exact grip pressure, on a scale of 1 to 12. Grip too tight, and a gentle audio cue warns you.

What Customers Say

  • "worked with your glove on my left hand yesterday and found it to be a revelation!  I noticed that it not only discourages squeezing, but also a correct swing path (an incorrect path encourages squeezing and vice versa I guess)."
    Mark, USA
  • "I think that your glove is brilliantly engineered"
    Brad, USA
  • "I played golf at the collegiate level, but over the last few years my handicap has climbed from 1 to 6, with my scores in the high 70's and low 80's due to poor ball contact. I felt I was gripping too tight and wasn't releasing, but wasn't sure. I ordered your gloves and went to the range every day for a week simply learning to swing with a super light grip. My next 2 rounds were a 70 and personal best 65! I'm back! Thanks for your product.""
    James, USA
  • ""I have received the glove and aim deeply impressed. I must confess I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but this glove is brilliant!""
    Per, Denmark
  • "I am extremely pleased with your product and it has helped a great deal. But your customer support is outstanding."
    George, USA
  • "I love the glove."
    Keith, Canada
  • "I am THRILLED! After working with SensoGlove for two days, I have increased my driving distance to an average 260 yards - that is almost 50 yards more than before. Thank you, SENSOGLOVE!""
    Alex, SensoGlove setting: 10
  • "With the SensoGlove I realized that I had way too much tension in my hands and arms. SensoGlove helped me to get rid of that tension and now my golfers elbow is gone and I can finally play pain free again! [...] I use SensoGlove on the putting green and now I have much better distance control and I am making much more putts than before."
    Linda, SensoGlove setting: 14 / 17 for putting
  • "SensoGlove showed me how I have changed my grip from the practise swing to the real swing. Now that I have learned to keep the right grip pressure at the same level during my whole swing, I am swinging much more on plane and I can generate more clubhead speed."
    Frank, SensoGlove setting: 8 for driver, 11 for wedges

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Take a look at the Design and Features of the SensoGlove:

  • Small, strategically placed sensors monitor your grip continuously, without changing the feel for the club
  • Highest quality cabretta golf glove with fine grain and exceptional durability
  • Removable computer can be transfered to a new glove when the existing one becomes worn out
  • Instant visual and audio feedback shows grip pressure at every finger
  • Adjustable pressure settings allow you to select the grip that is right for you

Why a light Grip?

Proper grip pressure has long been a difficult technique to master. Every magazine article and golf instructor explains how important it is to maintain a light grip. Some teaching pros have said to hold the club the way you would hold a tube of toothpaste so that nothing will squeeze out. One quote that’s been around for a while comes from Sam Snead: “Grip the club as if you were holding a baby bird.” Even still, most golfers grip the club too tight, afraid that they’re going to fling the club off into the woods.

It is a well known fact among golf instructors that a relaxed grip is key to a powerful, consistent and natural golf swing. Yet it is hard to transfer this principle into the golf swing. Even though a golfer might think to hold the club lightly, during an actual swing their relaxed grip is gone, they tense up and then swing poorly.

The SensoGlove provides a solution to this universal problem by providing real-time feedback of the correct grip pressure at every point of the swing, from address through take-away, backswing, downswing, impact and follow-through. This teaches how lightly a golfer can hold the club without giving up control or power.

It’s often said that a lightly gripped club acts like a pendulum. A pendulum naturally swings with a consistent, smooth rhythm. Practicing with the SensoGlove and learning the right amount of pressure leads to a natural, effortless swing that a golfer can repeat every time - for more power, lower scores and a more enjoyable round of golf!

Success with SensoGlove

More Distance
More Distance
More Precision
More Precision


What Golf's Legends say about Grip Pressure:

"Tension destroys motion" Bob Toski

"Grip the club as you were holding a baby bird" Sam Snead

"I focus on light grip pressure, then go with the shot I like to hit" Ernie Els

"Relaxed muscles are fast muscles. In golf, the surest way to hit the ball shorter with less consistency is to give the club a death grip" Jim Flick

"Soften hands, save shots. Keep tabs on your grip pressure to be a good chipper" Tiger Woods



What happens if the glove becomes worn out?

The SensoGlove digital computer is designed to be easily remove-able in case you want to take a swing without it. When a glove gets worn out, you can order a replacement from SensoGlove and easily snap the computer right into the new glove.

Does the computer fit on all SensoGlove replacement gloves of different sizes?

The plug-in socket has always the same size so you can use the same computer for all replacement gloves of different sizes. Therefore different persons can share one computer.

What happens if my SensoGlove gets wet?

The SensoGlove computer isn’t hurt by moisture and sweat from regular use. The SensoGlove doesn’t use wires to the sensors, so regular moisture won’t cause a short circuit.

How many batteries does SensoGlove need?

SensoGlove runs on standard watch batteries, which are included and last for 80-100 hours of play.

What sizes are available?
Mens Womens

All sizes are available for the left and the right hand and can also be used together to control the pressure in both hands at the same time. Please check our online store for a discounted offer for two gloves.


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